Welding assemblies and Hard Facing

CCI Thermal Spray / Manufacturing / Engineering will carry out your welding projects, both complex and simple, whether they require anti-wear and/or anti-corrosion facing.


Should your welding projects require high performance anti-wear protection, CCI Thermal Spray / Manufacturing / Engineering can install anti-wear components, cut, rolled and assembled using anti-wear coating with the following hard facing:


·         Chromium carbide

·         Tungsten carbide

·         Carbide with complex alloys


Welding Experts


CCI Thermal Spray / Manufacturing / Engineering has the technical expertise, the knowhow and a wide range of anti-wear and/or anti-corrosion coating applied through various processes which can enhance your projects’ profitability. 


We use different processes when carrying out your welding projects which are specific to your facing needs;


·         TIG

·         MIG

·         Arc welding (SMAW)

·         Plasma arc-cutting

·         Torch cutting


Whether manufacturing a new welding component or improving an existing one which does not meet your needs in terms of durability, our engineering team and our staff will provide a quality high performance finished product.


For more information or to obtain our welding and hard facing services, please contact us.

liner chip elbow 14 inches coude blindé 18 po (carbure de chrome) tuyere pour matière abrasive courde 6 po
section vis (carbure)   vis (carbure) vis conique (17-4ph) en section boitier de ventilateur
wood chips screws screw 30 inch x 44 feet elbow 12 inch 50 deg chip elbow liner 14 inch
chip elbow 12.75 x 65 deg chip flow defector hydrapurge rotor 1300mm crate plate
pulper rotor stainless steel screw chrome carbide elbow wood pneumatic line cover