Internally hardfaced pipe

CCI Thermal Spray /Manufacturing /Engineering manufactured pipes with internal chromium carbide weld overlay, as the propriety to protect against wear and corrosion effect. We can manufactured as your specific need pipes.


* Joinable pipes end to end by welding
* Pipes with mechanical assemblies (slip or socket-weld flange according to standard    
* Manufacture elbows and /or complex assemblies
* Manufacure pipes from 2.5 inches ID up to 36 inches ID , 15 feet length ( longer length are
   also available)
* Chrome Carbide thinkness variation from 0.125 up to 0.375 inches

Chrome Carbide overlay in tube 4 inches Internally hardfaced of 90 dig pipe 3.5 ID ashes ventury pipes modified 90 elbow 4 inch pipe
overlay tube 5 inche x 10 feet interchangeable flow pipe excentric spool